Intelligence at work

Our ontologically programmed integrated Decision Support System (DSS) integrates GIS (Geographic Information System), geo-tagged data, and data analysis to produce powerful ontological principles-based DSS. The combination provides our clients with a one-stop-shop for their data processing and decision-making support. Visualization and overlay capabilities of multiple-query results on the same display provide a comprehensive, highly visual presentation of the processed data, which enables better decision making. The DSS code is modular, reusable and applicable to any industry. Let our experts work with you to determine your needs and build a decision support module specific to your requirements.

Decision Support System

We develop applications that solve enterprise business problems with large problem domains and complex workflows. Based on your specific needs, our experts will design and reuse as much of the main DSS platform as possible and build a module specific to your project. The module will be integrated with the base platform, speeding up your project delivery and lowering costs.

Is your company an expert in a vertical market? Do you have a solution to a problem that is plaguing an entire industry? Contact us and we can help you bring a game-changing product to market that will make you a leader in your industry. 

Our analytics experts and solutions we have deployed have had the following benefits:

  • Enhanced decision support for one of the most influential philanthropic organizations in the world…helping eradicate malaria in Africa
  • Helping a major oil and gas producer understand their environment of assets when viewed in tandem with their current data around all geospatial and mapping information
  • Major utility wanting to understand the relationship across their asset base and the ability to predict failures amongst millions of pieces of what seemed to be unrelated data
  • Understanding property and assets better by also understanding the relationships they have across a region , a country and the world. Some of our clients operate within 40+ countries but need the same decision support as one building worth of information.

Robust Benefits

Businesses and their software development departments can benefit tremendously by utilizing our framework. The benefits are especially remarkable when business-enabler solutions that must adjust to changing conditions are required. Those benefits include:

  • Reduced software complexity – This translates into reduction in software maintenance costs, which increases profitability
  • Modular software – By creating individual program modules that interact with each other, IT can respond faster to business changes and shifting customer preferences
  • Decoupled business and presentation tier logic – By decoupling business and presentation tier logic, business rule changes are easier to program as market conditions evolve which translates into reduced software upgrade times, less code to develop – and therefore, faster code changes, leading to increased response time at reduced cost