Boost your business intelligence 

Our flexible and robust data delivery options make accessing information quick and easy for all end users. You can mix historical data with real time data to create a totally customizable experience that quickly and accurately delivers real business results. Our data integration methodology is tested and built to perform over the longterm and respects your organization’s technical and business maturity. Whether you are moving files around all night or working with advanced WS, WCF, or JMS-based SOA, we have considerable experience and leadership to share.

Making Data Mobile


Designed from the inside out, our mobility data delivery solutions provide an incredibly flexible platform for generating mobile applications.  Our Customers can go live in as little as four weeks with a fully integrated solution. In addition to a robust integration server, our out-of-the-box applications have robust functional capabilities, including:

Dispatch & Portal Applications:

  • Realtime tracking of technicians & work
  • Advanced work assignment capability
  • Map-based view of operating area
  • Full integration into other enterprise solutions from IBM, ABB, Oracle, and many others
  • Complete interactivity with ArcGIS, Bing, Google, and other geospatial data
  • Disconnected-state safe with all transactions



Field Application

Complete device integration for AVL/GPS, image upload, field printing, and more:

  • Document download & attachments to assets/work orders (Plant Specifications, blueprints, SOPs)
  • Deep integration to back office information
  • Rich view of assets and work orders on the map with ability to create field work orders on map-based assets
  • Disconnection-safe processing
  • Custom forms available and many out-of-the-box industry solutions