Cross Sector Success: A Client’s Story of Tapping an Untapped Market


T-CO is a business focused on developing decision support systems within the non-profit sector, mainly building decision engines aimed to monitor disease outbreaks and eradication within an entire continent. T-CO was already successful in creating a unique offering but came to us looking for a growth solution.


360 Ecosystem Solutions combed through the capabilities of this software and the company before determining a strategic growth plan. Immediately, we were able to see the cross over potential into the oil and gas industry because of the exorbitant amount of data coming in from many different sources and platforms with no data standardization. With some modifications, T-CO will be able to provide this industry with the tools to make clearer and better business decisions based on analyzing and connecting any associated spatial information required to make imperative production, safety, and efficiency decisions while tracking and monitoring valuable assets within a single truth solution.


It was imperative for T-CO to take advantage of untapped markets and especially to venture into the for-profit arena. This is where 360 Ecosystem Solutions played a pivotal role. By using our cross-sector knowledge and partner ecosystem, we helped T-CO develop a strategic plan to approach a worldwide Oil and Gas Company with their unique software platform. By combining our efforts we were able to create a brain trust that delivered a winning presentation beating out well established software companies within the respective industry.


360 Ecosystem Solutions helped T-CO cross industry lines and realize true growth by working together as a team. As we look to the future, 360 will continue to explore untapped opportunities for T-CO whose capabilities can support any major infrastructure company or enterprise. T-CO’s true market value is just beginning to be realized with the help of 360 Ecosystem Solutions.


“Our cross sector knowledge enabled us help our ecosystem partner deliver a winning solution that beat out much larger competitors plus, we were able to link up three ecosystem partners in the process!”