We Bring Unparalleled Understanding of Big Data

The Industrial internet of things is changing the way companies do business. Currently, there are over 20 billion devices connected in the world today. This number will triple within a blink of an eye as tomorrow brings more complexity and less ability for us to understand this immense amount of data. In the world of large infrastructures “industrial” assets are being connected to “information” assets at an alarming rate.

Information rather than huge amounts of data is the key in every industry we work within…whether it is world health to helping large information companies understand their world better …so they can make better decisions. The only way to keep up is to make the new amounts of data provide additional insight and information without companies having to do more.

Understanding this data and bringing total solutions to the decision support world for governments, businesses, and individuals is what we do. Founded in 2012, 360 Ecosystem Solutions helps companies grow to new heights by putting to work the talent and experience of our solutions ecosystem of companies which encompasses many areas by identifying useful data across petabytes of information. We combine many different vertical markets around the world all of which have in common the need to understand more and more data without spending an exorbitant amount of money.  We have insight into what is a needed solution and then we help you get it.  

Businesses want and need a return on their investment; we can help by adding field operations and financial systems to data and processes to create efficiencies across an entire platform.

We provide key solutions and more to any operation by helping C-Levels  figure out how to innovate while keeping pace with market growth.

360 Ecosystem Leadership

Jeff Akers
Managing Partner

As Managing Partner, Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in all operations of the Information Technology Solutions, Systems Integration, and Professional Services Industries to the 360 team. His knowledge encompasses many other key areas including: Executive and General Management, Sales Leadership and Marketing, Customer Service Management, Consulting, Product Management, Technical Support Management, Outsourcing and Managed Services, Program Management, and Strategy Leadership with Mergers and Acquisitions.  Currently Mr. Akers is a Chief Strategist for HP Enterprise and he is bringing integrated big data solutions to real business operations Leaders

Jeff has been working with both early stage companies and large solution providers to bring best in class ITOT Solutions to large critical infrastructure companies (i.e. Utilities, Oil and Gas, EPC Firms, Water, Energy and Manufacturing).

Jeff was the lead in conceiving and implementing the plan to spin out Critigen from its parent CH2MHILL. In September 2009, after working with investment bankers and private equity firms, Jeff was the visionary responsible for creating, building, and gaining strategic agreement at the highest levels of CH2M and its shareholders.

Mr. Akers has been in C-Level and SVP level positions for some of the largest Information Technology companies in the world.